Residential Septic Repair

The Challenge

Homeowner in Acworth, GA called us complaining that they were having water coming back up their drains and wanted to simply have the tank pumped. We went out, located the tank & dug up the lid, and found feminine products had clogged the drain lines. We also discovered that the rear baffle was still made of concrete and had deteriorated. This allowed all that material out into the drain lines that were buried in the yard and clogged them up. This will not allow the water to dissipate or percolate into the soil. Upon pumping the tank, we then discovered the tail out line (the line that connects the tank to the drain field) was concrete, currently broken and had to replaced as well.

The Solution

We had to pump the tank, replace the front baffle to PVC, replace the rear baffle to PVC, replace the tail out line to PVC, and pump the drain lines clear of the solids to ensure proper flow. 




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